lmake a statement

Even though we live in a time where we can't live without phones, computers and digital programs, a lot of people still want the authentic feel of real hand drawn illustrations.  And what better way is there to make a statement on your wall in the office or home. The murals that I make are unique and one of a kind. Interested? 

lhow it works

Step 1

Topic choice and wishes
The first steps are picking a topic that you like. You don't have to know exactly what you want, that is where I come in.
What are your wishes? Do you want the wall to be completely filled or would you like a part to be done.
All things to think about before we can move forward to step 2.

Step 3

Official design
It's getting more and more real.
With all this information and ideas I can make the end sketch of what is actually going on the wall. Exciting!

Step 2

Raw sketch
Once a plan of the design, style and measurements has been created, I will then start making a raw sketch. So you can see what my plan is and we can make adjustments easily if needed. 

Step 4

Mural time
Now is the time to pick a date that will suit and get the design on the wall.
Can't wait!

- Prices are based on the design       and measurements

- Sketch prices start from $80,- NZD

- Prices include materials 


- I don't draw people


- Most murals are in black and         white 

iigood to 


Whangamata Club Inc.

New Zealand

Simply made with passion to highlight their restaurant kitchen. 



Whangamata Club Inc.

New Zealand

White and black on the other side of the restaurant



White Noice shared space

New Zealand

This conference room got a custom-made design with all the elements they wanted



SurfSide shared space

New Zealand

This office got a doodle style wall, kiwi style 


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